Wirtualne biuro

w centrum Warszawy
Virtual office

in an attractive location in Warsaw

Which step in business is the most difficult?

The first. Each subsequent one is much easier and brings a lot of satisfaction. Let us support you in the beginning of the implementation of your professional plans by offering a virtual address or a virtual office in a prestigious location in the center of Warsaw, where you will be able to register your company.

A virtual address brings many benefits to entrepreneurs. Thanks to it, we can noticeably reduce the costs associated with the need to rent premises and employ office workers. Virtual offices allow you to register your company at your address, which ensures comfort and prestige. Are you a freelancer who moves from place to place on a mobile basis, but do you need an official address that you can put on your website or provide to your contractors? A virtual office is a great solution just for your business.

Don't let the difficulties of locating your business mean you have to give up your goals. The virtual office Warsaw - center guarantees a convenient and prestigious location, which will certainly result in a noticeably greater comfort of work and recognition in the eyes of subcontractors and contractors.


Modern solutions in business

Close your eyes and imagine your future. Where do you want to be in five, ten, fifteen years? Do you have an idea for your own business, but are you afraid of a difficult start? Are you worried whether you will find the right place for your office and whether the costs associated with its maintenance will not cause your goals to remain only a dream forever?

And now, once again, close your eyes and imagine a microbiome in Warsaw, where you can carry out all professional projects in comfortable conditions. Nobody will disturb you, and the presence of other people will additionally mobilize and inspire you. It has never been so easy to develop your own business.

Your place in the business world

Microbiology is an excellent solution for all business owners who care about the most economical form necessary to register their company in a great location in Warsaw. Our offer is addressed both to people who plan to register a business, as well as to owners of operating companies who want to reduce the costs associated with running a stationary office.

Cowork is a professional and inspiring work zone that provides comprehensive support for business. We are a company with many years of experience in the address rental industry. Such a professional, virtual address is a service that is the pillar of this type of activity. The first one gives you the opportunity to buy a place in the company's Open Space, where each coworker has his own desk and unlimited internet access.

How to rent a virtual office in Warsaw?

We invite you to use the services of the virtual office Warsaw center, thanks to which running your own business will be as possible for its every owner. A prestigious address in Warsaw will greatly enhance the image of a company that will present itself more favorably than the competition.

Thanks to the flexible offer, everyone can decide for themselves how many days a week or month they want to rent such a workplace. On the other hand, a virtual address is a service addressed mainly to entrepreneurs who have decided to start their own business. In the case of CoWork, it is a prestigious location at ul. Marszałkowska 58 in the center of Warsaw. Our offer was created with the need to have a representative address for the company's headquarters or branch, as well as a correspondence address.

Coworking space

Working in comfortable conditions will allow you or your team to focus on the effective implementation of tasks.

Accounting services

At your request, we offer access to cost-effective accounting packages.

Legal services

Assistance in establishing and registering new business entities in the National Court Register.