Virtual office and coworking in the center of Warsaw


The workplace is increasingly a relative term. With the development of market the definition of traditional office changes too and the needs and requirements of employees as well. CoWork – Warsaw’s coworking office – is an interesting alternative not only for freelancers, but also for all those who are looking for places to work effectively. In addition to standard offices CoWork is offering virtual office services consisting of hiring a virtual address for the company, mail service, secretarial and all further office services – all in one place.

From San Francisco to Europe

The first time the term “coworking” was used in 1999 by American designer of computer games – Bernard De Koven. In 2005, Brad Neuberg used this term to describe a common space to work, where he met with other freelancers. Neuberg is a precursor of coworking idea and founder of the “Hat Factory” in San Francisco, which can be considered as the first coworking office in the world. Initially, the “Hat Factory” was open to all – both for employees as well as for people from outside. The first space exclusively dedicated for work was Citizen Space, whose initiator, as in the case of “Hat Factory” was Neuberg. It was the place where the coworking movement was born quickly spreading throughout the world. This idea led to the dynamic development of a new business model that has revolutionized the global labor market.

CoWork: common space – individual working mode

A group of professionals representing various specialisations meet in one place to work – individually or on a joint project. This is the easiest way to describe coworking idea , which in Poland is becoming more and more popular in Poland. Traditional office is not always the best and most optimal solution. With the increase in awareness and the needs of employees, employers redefine perceptions of the workplace and strive to provide the conditions that will ensure the efficiency and strengthen motivation. Coworking is an attractive alternative for those who are looking for custom solutions, appreciate the independence and individual operating mode.

CoWork founders put the idea to develop coworking in Poland. Desk for rent and virtual address are services being a pillar of this type of activity. The first one gives you the opportunity to buy space in the company’s Open Space, where each coworker has its own desk and unlimited internet access. With its flexible offer, anyone can decide how many days per week or month, wants to rent a place of work. And virtual address is a service offered to entrepreneurs who decided to start their own business and are looking for the registration address for their business. For them CoWork offers prime address at Marszałkowska 58 street.

Work is not a place – it’s action

Coworking idea is not only the creation of an alternative to the traditional office, but also the possibility to meet people of a similar approach to work: “Work is no longer a place you go, it is something you do”. CoWork is a place where you can pursue professionally, and at the same time establish new professional and private contacts. Sharing experience and knowledge creates a bond that is an integral part of coworking idea. Do you ant to learn more and get to know the details of CoWork offer?

We offer you:

Coworking (fixed desk)

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  • Comfortable working place in a shared or separate coworking space
  • Access to professional office infrastructure, shared kitchen and relaxation area
  • Unlimited internet access and free coffe
  • Conference room (available soon)
  • Comfortable and flexible working conditions
  • Loyalty program granting discounts for our partners’ services